House Self Build

House self build is about teaching and guiding people how to do their own house self build, in Ireland United Kingdom Europe or even the USA.

This will follow the journey through the stages of  the self build process.

Block House self build Blog

A Brief outline of this build consists of:

Block 'House Self Build

Block ‘House Self Build

Standard strip foundations

Standard Concrete Floor

Internal Mixture of block and stud partition walls

Installing MHRV piping system

Installing Central vacuum system

100mm full fill cavity insulation with 50mm insulated plasterboard on internal leaf

Truss roof with hand Cut Vaulted sections

Laying Slates

Installing roof windows

Plaster internally and externally

Standard septic tank

Standard 90%+ condensing boiler

Water Well

Timber Frame Blog

The brief outline of the build is:

House self build timber frame house

Timber Frame House

Build up poor conditions on site

Make a raft foundation Pour concrete floor

Construct the timber frame on site

Erect the Truss roof

Slate tile the roof

Work on insulation and airtighting the house

Plaster internally and externally

Bio cycle sewer treatment

Standard 90%+ condensing boiler

Stove with back boiler

This is just a brief outline of the house self build Material sourceing, which will be outlined in our blogs.

We will be talking about handling sub contractors on the construction site, how much DIY jobs that can be done or which is financially the most viable option. Some times you can be a busy fool (we will explain later).
Also how you can source cheap materials from sites like

To name but a few!!!!!!!

These will save you thousands, this is obviously very important without been able to source cheap materials for the house self build we probably would not have been able to finish the builds on budget.
Most of the materials we sourced from Classified sites were brand new and never used before, one of the benefits about the recession.